One of the world’s largest supercomputers, Folding@home tackles some of biology’s toughest problems, including COVID-19. How? By working out how the proteins in your body wiggle around. This helps researchers figure out which drugs and vaccines interact with a protein to either block or promote its activity to treat, cure, or prevent disease. Currently, Folding@home is working on the proteins involved in COVID-19 to help find potential treatments and, ultimately, a cure.

When given the opportunity to contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by donating unused processing power, Vappar employees jumped at the chance to collaborate with Folding@home. Employees and Vappar lab contributing their idle compute time. Looking toward the future, Umair Iftikhar – Solution Architect at Vappar says, “There’s great scope for using idle compute on our clusters to contribute towards Vappar’s Corporate Responsibility goals, such as for healthcare or sustainability. There are other distributed computing projects for topics like medicine, humanitarian mapping and imaging, STEM subjects, and climate change.”

Interested in donating to the cause? You can help too. It’s as simple as downloading Folding@home on your home computer and allowing it to run in the background. Click here to Download

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