Our Core Services


Design the digital business models, not just digitization of past practices. Here we are scaling the digital first side of your business.

Enterprize AI

Data, training, and inference solutions combine hardware and software to create an IT system vital to handling AI workloads.

IOT Consultancy

Appnovation's IoT consultants help enterprises create strategic solutions that deliver tangible business results as digitized landscape.



Enables parents to be connected to their student’s classroom and teachers, also simplify assignments in a paperless way.


Teachers to Student Connection and Objectives Tracking

Easy for Teachers to track Student’s academic & social Objectives, also improve the communication between them.

Parents access to Student’s educational goals.

Parents to access their child's educational data to help them Succeed in Objectives.

Organization Regulators and School Performance Insight

Organization Regulators and community members need to understand School Performance and know if education resources are being allocated Fairly and Effectively.