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Help enterprises create strategic solutions that deliver tangible business results as digitized landscape

Enterprise AI

Data, training, and inference solutions combine hardware and software to create an IT system vital to handling AI workloads.

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Focus on your core business while we take care of the technicalities

Unify all your data from IoT & Business to anticipate customer needs and execute hyper-personalized interactions. Let’s talk about realizing the full value of your software & big data experience

A few software solutions

Your Business Needs Our Software Solutions


Enables parents to be connected to their student’s classroom and teachers, also simplify assignments in a paperless way.


VappIm is the cloud data analytics platform for enterprises that unifies everything.


NOI is Net Operating Income for efficient property & Tenant management. One stop solution for all your needs.

Services we offer

We provide you end to end software development and consultancy services resulting in extraordinary digital experiences.

Custom Development

We work with startups, SMBs & world leading enterprises to build customized software solutions.

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Our team of experienced product designers & developers help you build successful digital products.

DATA Science

We help organizations adopt data driven insights and automated reporting for faster decision making.

Digital Transformation

Adapting to the digital economy is critical for companies. Our experts will utilize digitization to transform your business.

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Companies are constantly looking for ways to make solutions work better and smarter, accomplishing this by tracking the performance of each of the components underlying its solution. All this critical performance data has a time stamp and a value – also known as time series data. […]
One of the world’s largest supercomputers, Folding@home tackles some of biology’s toughest problems, including COVID-19. How? By working out how the proteins in your body wiggle around. This helps researchers figure out which drugs and vaccines interact with a protein to either block or promote its […]
Vappar today announced a major expansion of its operations in B-17, Pakistan named Vappus, including an investment of 90 Million to build a new campus. The company also announced plans to starts new verticals in AI, IoT, and Digital Twins. Over the next three years, with […]

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