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Why do you need Enterprise Cloud?

Software as a Service (SaaS) has the potential to transform the way information-technology (IT) departments relate to and even think about their role as providers of computing services to the rest of the enterprise.

Enterprise cloud is SaaS based cloud for your business; our effective software-delivery mechanism creates an opportunity for IT departments in businesses to change their focus from deploying and supporting applications to managing the services that those applications provide. A successful service-centric IT, in turn, directly produces more value for the business by providing services that draw from both internal and external sources and align closely with business goals.

In our network, we have built great apps for great organizations and have worked with 500+ schools, districts and other organizations throughout the USA, UK, Canada, Pakistan and UAE.

Customer’s Challenge

Countless different processes, activities, and systems are used to run your business, and you need to establish numerous workflows and procedures – some manual, some automated – that may or may not be formally documented. As a result, a variety of departmental applications and legacy databases that are likely disjointed and not well integrated.

The Opportunity

While this approach may have served its purpose in the past, in today’s dynamic and highly competitive marketplace, it can seriously hinder productivity, profitability, and growth. The primary reason an ERP solution is so vital to a company’s success is efficiency. Cumbersome, error-prone, labor-intensive manual processes can drain both time and money. Businesses must operate as lean as possible in order to keep the bottom line in check, and failing to automate critical yet routine business activities makes it nearly impossible to do that.

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Features you need

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Handling and Control
  • Inventory Handling
  • Process Automation for Channel Partners, Resseller, Distributors
  • Management Controls and Reports
  • Communication Management or Portal
  • Cloud based system accessible from anywhere through any device
  • Secure data migration and system flow
  • Backups
  • Maintenance and Support